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Answered By: Suzanne Schriefer, Education & General Education Librarian
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2016     Views: 121

The Rasmussen College Online Library provides access to academic journals through its many library databases.  Click on the "Articles by Subject" link and select "Justice Studies" to view the best library databases for this research assignment.



You can also access the Database A-Z List in any online class by clicking on the Resources tab, then clicking in the "Search eResources" link.

Below are some recommended databases to use to begin your research:

Best results are achieved when using keywords in a database search.  Avoid using sentences, questions, or long phrases.  Consider developing a list of keywords and a "search menu" prior to conducting your search.  For example:

Then use Boolean connectors to link your keywords.

OR connector  -  use this connector to link related terms    laws OR legislation

AND connector -  use this connector to link ideas   "drug trafficking" AND legislation AND prevention

Consider using the "Advanced Search" option.  It provides a "worksheet" with built in Boolean connectors.

Click Search to retrieve articles including your keywords.  Click on the PDF or HTML links under the titles in the results list to view articles in full text.

For more tips and information (including instructional videos) consult the Database Help page in the School of Justice Studies Guide.

View the video below for tips on constructing a search statement for effective database searching.