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Answered By: Sara Stambaugh, Digital Services Librarian
Last Updated: Nov 30, 2016     Views: 786

 The following two links are to the same EBSCO database.


The first one is bad, the second one is good


1.       BAD:

a.       Occurs when you open a database, see the search screen, and copy and paste the URL from the web browser.

b.      Is a TEMPORARY URL that is set up just for you...seems to last quite a while...maybe even a week or more...but they DIE when you least expect it....same thing happens to links to need the permalink, not the link that is dynamically created and in the browser window.

c.       Can be identified because of the random, non-logical string of characters, the presence of sid (session ID) and sessionmgr within the url (see image below).

d.      Should never be used in online courses, favorites, or other "permanent" areas like Answers or Guides because they will eventually stop working and break.

    Example of a bad link. Text reads: Arrows specifically point out the "sid" and "sessionmgr" portions of the URL as examples of how you know the URL is not a permalink.



2.       GOOD:

a.       Occurs when you go to our e-Resources list and right click on the database name (and then copy/paste) NOT go to the database opening page OR if you use the permalink in the article area of EBSCO. Which looks like this:

Linked chain icon with word "Permalink" to the right of the icon

b.      Can be identified because the entire string is logical (see image below)

c.      Should be used in online courses, favorites, or other "permanent" publications like Answers or Guides because they are “permanent” URLs