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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Mar 28, 2016     Views: 65

We have outstanding collections of nursing journals within our online library. The articles are contained in databases, which are searchable collections of articles and other resources.

For your search, I'd recommend the following databases. The first three are from EBSCO and can be searched at the same time.

When you search for articles, remember to stick with keywords. For example, if I were researching for information about diets for people with PKU, I'd type diet phenylketonuria into the search box.

The databases look for articles which contain all of your keywords within their titles or abstracts, so stick to basic nouns, and avoid typing full sentences into the search box.

If your results are too many or seem irrelevant, use the tools within the database to narrow by publication year, subject heading, or country.

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