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Answered By: Kate Anderson, Business Librarian
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2016     Views: 2740

A reference list (sometimes called reference page):

  • Appears at the end of a paper, presentation, or project
  • Is a listing of all of the materials referred to (cited, quoted, paraphrased, summarized) in the paper 
  • Includes complete information about the materials so the reader can find it later
    • Who wrote/created it (author)
    • When they created it (date of publication)
    • What the source is called (title)
    • Where to find it (varies by format of material)

Items within a reference page/list are sometimes called sources, references or citations.

In-text citations appear inside a paper and tell the reader:

  • That the a specific portion of the information comes from an outside source, not from the author of the paper
  • That there is a "matching" item in the reference list that they can look at for complete information about the source of the information

To learn more about APA in general, visit the APA Guide. Take a close look at specific sections of the Guide like In-Text Citations and References.

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