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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Mar 04, 2016     Views: 384

Answers is a database of questions that Rasmussen students and staff have asked, plus the answers that were given by Rasmussen's librarians and learning services coordinators!

There are many ways of searching and browsing Answers. You can:

  1. Search Answers by entering keywords in the search textbox;
  2. Browse by " Featured Answers;"
  3. Browse by "Recent Answers;"
  4. Browse by "Popular Answers;"
  5. Browse "State and Federal Tax Information" by clicking the tabs

You can add to Answers by searching for a topic/question and submitting your question if no matching Q&A currently in the database matches your need. The submission form will look like this:

Once you submit your question, we will usually answer it within 24 hours. You will get your answer via email and the rest of the Rasmussen community might benefit because your question and our answer might be added to the database. You will remain anonymous if we add your question and our answer to the database.

Questions and answers in Answers, so far, have been related to everything from using APA to zipping files.

Add your question(s) today!