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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Mar 29, 2016     Views: 106

The key to finding information about this topic is choosing the right search terms or keywords.  Frankenfood is a pretty informal term, and that term might not appear in scholarly, research-based journal articles.  Try to think of what keywords would appear in titles of books or articles about the topic. To find information, I tried various combinations of the following keywords or terms:

  • modified foods
  • genetic modification
  • engineered food
  • genetically engineered food
  • genetic engineering
  • biotechnology

For basic, background information, consider beginning your search with encyclopedias, such as through Credo Reference Books or Gale Virtual Reference Library, available through our online library.  While encyclopedia may not be appropriate for college-level research, they can provide you with the background information and keywords you need to do further research.

For controverial topics such as this one, I like to use Points of View Reference Center, one of our online databases.  This database lists commonly researched topics, and it also has a traditional search box.  You'll have access to magazine and journal articles, excerpts from books, primary source documents, and radio and TV news transcripts.  A unique feature of this database is that it offers point and counterpoint essays.    HINT:  Take a look at the View All Topics tab.  Frankenfoods is one of the topics listed.

Also, consider using the eBooks via EBSCO database to find eBooks on this topic. Again, search this database using similar terms to those bullet-pointed above (i.e. genetically modified foods, etc.). Below are a few examples of eBooks available on this topic (click the book cover to go directly to the book):