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Answered By: Jeneen LaSee-Willemssen
Last Updated: Mar 07, 2016     Views: 455

To find information on the whether or not healthcare / health care is a basic human right, you might want to try a few different options. 

First, figure out exactly what you mean by "human right" and by "health care." Try searching for these terms dictionaries or encyclopedias like those found in our Credo Collection.

Once you have your definitions settled, search resources in the Rasmussen College Online Library.  These library resources can also be accessed in any online class; click on the Resources tab, then click on the "Search eResources" link.

Before searching for resources, develop a list of keywords that describe the ideas that you want included in a book or article.  Creating a "Search Menu" can be helpful.  For example:

Then use Boolean connectors to link your keywords.

OR connector  -  use this connector to link related terms    healthcare OR "health care"

AND connector -  use this connector to link ideas     "health care" AND "human right"

TIP: Consider using the "Advanced Search" option.  It provides a "worksheet" with built in Boolean connectors and other tools to limit search results.

The following Library resources are recommended for this search:

Once you have entered your search terms, click Search.  You can link to the full text of the article or book by clicking on the PDF or HTML links under the titles in the results list.

For more information about how to create a search statement to use in a library database, view the three-minute video below.