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Features of the References Section:

  • The references section always begins on its own page at the end of the paper.
  • The references section begins with the word References, which is centered at the top of the page.
  • All sources are listed alphabetically by the first word in the reference entry (usually the author's last name).
  • Hanging indents should be used so that the second line of the reference (if present) is indented.
  • Digital object identifiers, or DOIs. should be used for citing for journal articles wherever possible. You might find DOIs for articles listed in the database you found them in, on the articles themselves, or via the use of


General Guidelines for References:

All APA references are constructed in the same format, with the same information in the same order, i.e.: 

  • Who (author, artist, director, organization, etc.)
  • When (publication or creation date)
  • What (title)
  • How to access it (varies based on type of source)
    • Place of publication and name of publishing company for books
    • Periodical title, volume, issue, and page numbers for journals
    • Periodical title, volume, issue, page numbers, and DOI or journal URL for online journals
    • Periodical title, date, and page numbers for newspapers and magazines
    • Periodical title, date, page numbers, and DOI or magazine/newspaper URL for online newspapers and magazines
    • URL or web address for web pages

Once you have a basic understanding of the information that comprises reference items, use your Rasmussen College Library subscription to NoodleTools software to prepare, format, export, and/or print your references section.


Example of a Correctly Formatted References Section:

sample references page

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