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Q: What does a Peer Mentor do?

Peer Mentors are certified tutors who are trained to show you how to navigate the entire process of being a student while supporting you in a variety of aspects including those beyond academics. 

A Peer Mentor:

  • Has been exactly where you are right now
  • Shares the expectations that lay ahead
  • Provides tips that save you time and effort
  • Speak directly to your concerns of the unknown
  • Recommends regular touch points to gauge progress & stay on track

Q: How do I meet with a Peer Mentor?

We offer Peer Mentoring appointments for new students.  Click HERE for instructions.  

Q: What does a Tutor do?  

A Tutor is a student who has been trained in tutoring strategies and has successfully passed the courses they tutor in with a grade of ‘B’ or better.  

A Tutor:

  • Has likely taken the course you need help with (the exception is Live Help tutors)
  • Can support you when you have specific questions about assignments
  • Can provide perspective about what will be helpful for the course   

Q: What subject areas/courses have Tutors and how do I meet with them?

This ANSWER will show you how to see if there is a Tutor for your course and how to make an appointment.

Should I Connect with a Tutor or a Peer Mentor?

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