Answered By: Suzanne Schriefer, Education & General Education Librarian
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The SCRAAP test is a tool that can be used to evaluate the quality of an information resource. The letters represent:

  • Self-Awareness               Do I have personal/confirmation biases about the topic?
  • Currency                          Is the information up to date?
  • Relevance                       Does the information fit the information need?
  • Authority                          Is the author qualified to be writing on the topic?
  • Accuracy                         Is the information error-free? Is it balanced?
  • Purpose/Point of view     Why was this written? to educate? to sell? persuade?

Before using information from a resources--whether it is found on the Internet, a library database or other source -- be sure that the second, third, fourth, and fifth questions listed above receive answers of "yes" and that you have an understanding of why the author created the information. Also be aware of your own personal biases that could affect how you interpret and use the information. Information passing the SCRAAP test is considered credible and of high quality.

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