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Answered By: Sara Stambaugh, Digital Services Librarian
Last Updated: Aug 31, 2015     Views: 14168

When you enter a meeting, and you cannot hear the host or presenter, please go to "Quick Start" from the menu at the top of the meeting (just under the file, edit, share menu) and choose "Use Computer Audio" and select "Call Using Computer" from the list. 

Your computer will connect to the conference audio - this may take a few seconds to a minute depending on your internet connection.

Once your audio has been connected, you can test the settings (speaker and microphone volume) and adjust the device you're using (computer or headset) by clicking on the three dots or "More" under where it says Connected to Audio, and then by selecting "Test computer audio."


The Test Computer Audio window will open, and you can click the Test button to hear the volume of the speakers.

If you want to switch from your computer speakers to a headset (or vise-versa) use the dropdown arrows under the Speaker and Microphone settings to choose your preferred device.

The slider bar and indicator lights will tell you how loud your speaker and/or microphone is and allow you to adjust the volume levels.

When you're done adjusting the volume levels and audio settings, click OK to apply your changes and exit the test menu.


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