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Answered By: Bethany Marston, Learning Services Coordinator
Last Updated: Nov 13, 2017     Views: 77

Faculty Dashboard

This tool allows faculty to invite particular students via the Blackboard LMS to receive customized online tutoring and writing lab assistance. Students will receive an email to their smail account (NOT their course mail).

How it works

  1. Create a customized tutoring task: Click "Create a new task now" to describe the type of tutoring session or writing lab assistance you want to provide your student(s), along with any specific instructions for the tutor.
  2. Invite students: Once you have created the tutoring task, you will be able to invite one or more students. They will receive a notification via email and will be able to connect with a live tutor (or submit a paper to the writing lab) at their convenience.
  3. Track students: When you enter your tutoring tasks, you can see which students have completed their tutoring sessions or submitted papers to the writing lab.

What are the benefits of this tool?

  • Tasks assigned through the faculty dashboard make it less clicks for a student to set up a tutoring appointment or submit a paper to the writing lab. 
  • The tool is easy for faculty to use.  Faculty can assign multiple students to the same task, which saves faculty time!  Each student receives an individualized link.
  • This tool raises awareness to our Library and Learning Services resources, so students take advantage of these helpful services more often.
  • It also allows faculty to write a message to the tutor, which gives the tutor a better idea where the student needs assistance.  Faculty can also include the assignment instructions and additional notes for a more productive appointment.
  • Faculty can also write a message to the student.  This helps the student understand the importance of the appointment and what they should focus on with the tutor.
  • It also allows faculty to check the status of the task (new, in progress, or completed).

**Please note: This tool is only available for Blackboard courses at this time.**

Below are the steps for using the Faculty Dashboard:

1.  Select "Tutoring".

2.  Create a new task now.

3. Select a resource.

4. Name the task, due date, select the topic and subject.

5. Add a note to the student or tutor.

6. Faculty can check the status of the task (new, in progress, or completed).