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After the end of each quarter, all students in degree-seeking programs who earned a high GPA for the quarter are awarded a certificate of achievement. 

  • Those students who have earned a 3.75 to 4.0 GPA for the quarter are placed on the Dean's List.
  • Those students who have earned a 3.25 to 3.749 GPA for the quarter are placed on the Honors List.

Every campus gives out awards a little differently; most campuses will reach out to the honors and dean's list students and invite them to a ceremony on campus. If an honoree cannot attend, the certificate is generally mailed after the ceremony takes place.


Comments (5)

  1. Does Rasmussen release a list of the Deans list Students and the Honor roll list students to like newspapers or anything of that sort?

    Answer:: Rasmussen does not send these lists to local newspapers. However, some campuses publish the list of their own students in their campus newsletters.
    Students are alerted (emailed or mailed) when they earn a Deans List or Honors award.
    by Sarah on Jan 30, 2015.
  2. A cool way to recognize people would be to put it on the Rasmussen Facebook page.
    by JEV on Feb 06, 2015.
  3. Are online students included in this as well?

    Sara, Librarian Reply: Yes, online students are included in this as well.
    by Kirstie MacLean on Jan 12, 2016.
  4. Do students in certificate programs get recognition for their high GPA's?

    Kate, Librarian Reply: To my knowledge they do; however, you can check with your Advisor for verification.
    by Jazmine on Aug 24, 2016.
  5. Where do I find the honors or deans list and do all the schools participate? How do I request a certificate?

    Sara, Librarian Reply: Hi Pamela, all the Rasmussen College schools do participate in this recognition. Contact your student advisor for a copy of the list or to request a certificate.
    by Pamela Graff on Oct 19, 2016.

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