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What is a newsletter?

A newsletter is a publication geared toward sharing updates to keep concerned parties updated about what is happening in your unit, hospital, clinic, professional associations, etc. 

Why publish a newsletter?

Newsletters can enhance and maintain communication.  Newsletters can share updated policies, evidence-based practices, professional development opportunities, and celebrate employee or organizational achievements.  Newsletters can provide nurses with a forum to share ideas and foster a positive work environment.

What do I keep in mind when creating a newsletter?

  1. Define your audience:  Employees?  Patients?  Interested community members?  
  2. Assess audience's knowledge:  You must know the demographics of your audience as well as the education/knowledge they may already have regarding the topics discussed in your newsletter.  Is your audience knowledgeable about the topics shared?  Are you writing for an audience outside of your profession?  Are there cultural differences?  
  3. Define your purpose:  What do you hope to accomplish with the newsletter?  Do you want to increase involvement?  Increase awareness?  Motivate action?
  4. Decide publication frequency and delivery method:  How often will this newsletter be published?  Will it be electronically distributed or printed?
  5. Layout:  Microsoft has many different newsletter templates in Publisher or you can format newsletter articles in Word to choose from.  Explore and choose the layout that fits best for you.

How do I write a newsletter article?

You must first determine the content of the article and decide if you need to complete prior research.  If you do need to complete research, identify resources you can use.  In this case, Rasmussen College has a variety of databases you can use to conduct your research.  More information can be found on our Nursing Research page of the Nursing Guide.

There are three types of newsletter articles:

  1. Inverted pyramid articles:  These types of articles report on events that will happen or have already happened.  You can think of a typical newspaper article written to describe a recent news event.  These articles start with a lead paragraph that explain the who, what, when, where, why, and how of the story.  The lead paragraph is followed by facts written in order from most important to least.
  2. Feature article:  These types of articles are stories that go beyond the basic facts of the who, what, where, when, why, and how.  These articles often humanize the stories and add faces to names or recent events.  These are often profiles of staff, a behind-the-scenes look at an organization, or even a testimony.  The tone of the article is often lighter than that of a typical news story.
  3. News briefs: These are usually one-paragraph descriptions of an event, product, or other events/items.  These articles summarize main points in an easy-to-read blurb.

Once you have chosen the type of article to write, it is time to get started.  Be sure to include the facts and keep the audience in mind.  When you are finished, be sure to proofread!

Do you have any newsletter examples?

See the files below for examples and inspiration!


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