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What is a concept map?

A concept map is a visual representation of knowledge in an orderly, structured, hierarchical, and visual way.  Concept maps are more formal, structured presentations of knowledge where the hierarchy of information is important to the understanding of the concept.

Why create a concept map?

A concept map is an easy way to visually structure ideas to help with analysis and information recall.  Concept maps, or mind maps, can help enhance learning and communication by organizing information in an easy to digest medium.  It helps to make sense of a central concept by allowing one to see the big picture.  Concept maps have been shown to create stronger neuronal connections that are activated during decision-making.

What should I include in a concept map?

A concept map has the main concept at the top of the map (genetic condition).  Supporting subconcepts (assessment considerations, potential impact of assessment, legal considerations, etc) are arranged in an ordered structure from more general to most specific.  

Be sure to include lines and linking words to make the relationship between the items clear.

Do you have some examples of concept maps?

How do I create a concept map?

There are many options for creating a concept map, so you can do a quick Google search to find different available sites. 

For help creating a concept map in word, check out our Answer about mind mapping in Microsoft Word. 


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